Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi!...again. Sorry for the late comeback but I said i'd comeback didn't I? I will be posting daily/weekly as usual so uh...Stay Thuergy and have a GREAT summer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Farewell for now....

I'm sorry my fellow bloggers...but I have to close down my Blog until6/1/2010 because my mom shut down my subscription WITHOUT WARNING! She said she didn't like when they were billing her so now until the 1st of June she has to take 5 freaking hours to even activate the freaking gift cards because of freaking HUGHESNET! Farewell from this blog until June. and until I come back remember...Stay Theurgy....:'-(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry everyone! I know I haven't posted in a REALLY long time! It's just i've been busy the past few weeks with leveling my Eevee on my Pokemon HeartGold to farming for Icezilla on Test(I'm normally on AmbroseTest in front of the Labyrinth if anyone wants to help me finish the Crucible or help me farm)! I've been doing these things NON-STOP! So I need a break from a blog post every now-n-then. BTW I am deleting the post with the Ravenwood Radio cause I can't exactly make it on all the shows so...yeah. Stay Theurgy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


OH NO OH NO OH NO! THEY FIXED THE GLITCHED WALL IN DRAGONSPYRE!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! NO! They couldn't have fixed it! It was the funnest place to be on that game to me(and friendly!)! NOOO!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Pet'o the Day!

And todays pet is...THE JADE ONI!
Thats right your lovable little Green Helephant! The Jade Oni! Heres my Character (Megan JadeHeart) rocking it out with her Jade Oni:Morgan! I got this pet WAY before the test came out and I gave my EarthWalker to my brother (Cody StormCaster(yes if you haven't guessed it he's storm) ) This little guy also comes with a rocking Jade Oni spell! Thats right 430-510 for 5 pips! PERFECT for that average balance dude/gal who need that extra power! So get those Oni's outta that musty ol'pack and Rock it out! Stay Theurgey!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celestia! Pets! Tridents! Mounts!

Look I know i'm new(to blogger not Wizard101 lol) and I just started(again Blogger and NOT Wizard101) but I had to make this my first post for those of you who have never heard about this expansion! There will be new things coming to the Spiral like pet Breeding, and pet minigames, and a BRAND NEW world, right now they are just testing the NEW pet Features! If you haven't checked the Test Server you should. 'Cause if your Lv45 and need an Ice spell thats REALLY GOOD, check out the crowns shop theres a celestia trident that does 110 Ice damage! Thats right 110! The weakest school in the game actually has a wand spell that does over 90 damage!! WOW! lol Also if you log into the test server if you look into the Crowns shop you will see some BLACK seraph wings! Thats right B-L-A-C-K BLACK! Its like a Demon Seraph! ...Hey they should make a Boss like that! Yea a Demon Seraph and if not a boss make it an Elite! Well thats all for now. Stay Theurgy!

Hi Hi!

Howdy! This is Megan JadeHeart speaking and is happy to tell you that you have a new blog to look at. Thats right Diary of a Lonely Thuergist! I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can become as famous as Friendly! I will start doing a pet of the day soon! (sorry friendly i'm not trying to copy you!) Note: I do not have a twitter account cause people are starting to hack other peoples computers through it so try Facebook or Myspace...or Youtube(eclipsemoon98)...Stay Theurgy!