Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celestia! Pets! Tridents! Mounts!

Look I know i'm new(to blogger not Wizard101 lol) and I just started(again Blogger and NOT Wizard101) but I had to make this my first post for those of you who have never heard about this expansion! There will be new things coming to the Spiral like pet Breeding, and pet minigames, and a BRAND NEW world, right now they are just testing the NEW pet Features! If you haven't checked the Test Server you should. 'Cause if your Lv45 and need an Ice spell thats REALLY GOOD, check out the crowns shop theres a celestia trident that does 110 Ice damage! Thats right 110! The weakest school in the game actually has a wand spell that does over 90 damage!! WOW! lol Also if you log into the test server if you look into the Crowns shop you will see some BLACK seraph wings! Thats right B-L-A-C-K BLACK! Its like a Demon Seraph! ...Hey they should make a Boss like that! Yea a Demon Seraph and if not a boss make it an Elite! Well thats all for now. Stay Theurgy!

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